Thank you for your interest in the Northfield High School Boy’s Soccer Program. As we continue to make great strides in the development of this program as a whole, as well as to each and every individual that is a part of it, it is important to “keep the door open” in regards to communication. Hopefully this update helps in giving you, whether you are a parent, or a prospective student athlete, all of the information you need to come and take part in what it means to be a Nighthawk!

This program is open to all boys, grades 9-12, interested in the game of soccer. As part of becoming and maintaining a competitive program, we have a variety of “off-season” resources here to help all player develop year round!


Tryouts/Pre-season Fitness – Will begin on Monday morning, August 12th, 6:30AM at the NHS Track. Please be sure all registration paperwork has been filled out, or you will not be able to participate. Please contact John Calderwood: for more information.

Absences will not be excused. All players hoping to participate in the soccer program will be expected to be in attendance, and on time for all tryout sessions. Arriving in peak conditioning is highly recommended. A practical fitness goal is being able to run 1.5 miles in 9 minutes. 

Winter Indoor Futsal

Summer Sessions

Summer Pick-up Soccer – Northfield High School will host pick-up soccer twice weekly throughout the summer. These will be informal in nature, but competitive and beneficial for players interested in participating in any level of the Northfield Soccer Program. All that is required is a good attitude, and mindset ready to work hard and compete!

Location: Northfield High School Track/Soccer Field

Dates: Beginning June 3rd, Tuesday/Thursday, 6-8 pm

*nothing the week of July 4th.

July – Fitness Training: – All players considering playing at the Varsity level for Northfield High School will be required to pass certain levels of fitness during tryouts.

Arriving for tryouts “unfit” is no excuse. All players hoping to compete at the varsity level are expected to show up with an exceptional  level of fitness. The NHS Soccer program seeks to play an an attractive, attacking, and effective style of play that demands the utmost levels of fitness and preparation.  Therefore, participation in this program is HIGHLY encouraged to help each and every player be as prepared as possible to compete at the highest level.

Summer Fitness Dates -TBD


Go to the home page to learn more about summer camp. It will be held right before the season begins, so it is strongly encouraged as it will help you be best prepared for fall 2019 tryouts.